FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions

Who is PDI?

PDI stands for Precision Diagnostic Instruments. We have been manufacturing reliable, durable and precise diagnostic equipment for almost 20 years. Originally, PDI dealt exclusively to educational facilities, supplying our equipment to educators and students nationwide. Now, after years of helping to teach the future generations of technicians and learning from them, we are bringing our quality diagnostic tools to the world.

Why choose PDI test equipment?

PDI offers products that were designed from the ground up to be used for specific applications. Test equipment designed for general use may lack the functions or ranges needed to perform the advanced tests required in today's specialized applications. For example, our automotive meters offer features such as frequency for testing oxygen sensors and anti-lock brakes that were not required 15 years ago– today you need it.

If you're a professional technician, you should select equipment specifically designed for today's (and tomorrow's) increasingly specialized and demanding environments. Look at the work you do and how you do it before you decide what you need. Compare features, quality, warranty and price – PDI meters stand alone as the best value.

Beyond the equipment we provide, the level of service we offer is second to none. PDI is always there for you when you need us. We are committed to a level of customer service that many companies would call crazy. Any problem that you have with any of our products is a problem that we have and we will not quit until it is fixed.

How reliable is PDI test equipment?

Reliability is built into PDI Products. Extensive use of state-of-the-art surface mount technology and advanced integrated circuits enable us to incorporate many advanced features without sacrificing accuracy or durability. Unlike older manufacturing processes that would cram more components in the enclosure to provide more functions, PDI products utilize specialized integrated circuits that are programmed to provide the functions required for a particular testing application. The technology we use results in a reduced component count, and that makes every piece of PDI test equipment a very accurate and durable instrument. In fact, our failure rates currently run well under .5%!

What about warranty?

PDI's warranty is among the best in the business. We offer a two year, no quibble warranty. If any PDI product fails within two years, you simply call us at, 1-800-453-7892 and we arrange for UPS to pick it up at your work or residence. We then guarantee you will have a repaired or replaced product in your hands within 10 days of PDI's receipt of your defective unit. This warranty is valid within the Continental United States.