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DM-918, Economical Multimeter

The DM-918 Digital Multimeter is an averaging multimeter with industry leading accuracy and resolution. It is a meter designed to meet the needs of HVAC/R technicians in today's high-tech world. The DM-918 can measure AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, millivolt, resistance, capacitance, frequency and temperature.


TPC-212, Pipe Clamp Temperature Lead

The TPC-212 is a clamp style temperature lead designed to quickly and firmly grip refrigerant pipes for reliable, hands-free measurements. The TPC-212 is durable, easy to use and designed for use with any thermometers or multimeters that have K-type inputs.

NC-120 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector

NC-120 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector

Safely check for the presence of voltage with the NC-120. Just place the tip near any terminal strip, outlet or power supply cord. If the tip glows and a beep sounds, it is hot. Complete with a built-in flashlight for added workplace safety, the NC-120 is a must have tool for anyone who works around potentially live circuits.